As I enter the world of Virtual Assistants (VA), I have found the welcome to be everything the ethos says it is – ‘collaboration not competition’.  This is special industry to be part of, and I am grateful for all the support I’ve received from this strong community.

The VA industry is unregulated and growing fast, however it is an unsaturated market thanks to the vast array of services provided by those operating within the UK and overseas.  Of course, we’re all a little competitive however with such a wide variety of expertise within the VA industry, from traditional PA to techie support and everything else in between you are guaranteed to find a VA to suit your needs.  Once you find your best fit VA, if you need a one-off (or even regular) task which your own VA doesn’t provide, we are able to reach out within our community to meet that need.  We are all masters of our own trade, and both accept and enjoy being able to work with others for the benefit of you, our client.

As a VA it comes naturally for us to assist others.  We network, we make connections, we are keen to learn, and having our own strengths we are able to support each other – all for the benefit of our clients.  We’re set up to work for ourselves, so have our own businesses with registrations and insurances in place.  With the right support and training from our mentors and coaches we aim to provide a high standard of client satisfaction and continue to raise that bar.

It is advisable for VAs to find their niche, some do, some don’t and remain as general VAs.  The niche can be the industry they work for eg, HR, finance, healthcare, property, education, creative; or the tasks they carry out eg, minute taking, copy writing, creative design, social media marketing, systems support.

I am a registered member of the Society of Virtual Assistants, meeting the requirements to comply with their VA Standards and Best Practice where collaboration not competition is a key rule.  It must be one of the most welcoming, inclusive and flexible industries around.

If you could do with the support of a Virtual Assistant, look no further.  I would be happy to discuss with you options to bring my knowledge and positivity to your business.

Leave me a comment below with your thoughts on collaboration and competition.