Being the organised professional, I just love to plan with intricate precision.  Almost everything I do, I plan ahead, and I do mean everything!  I’m going share with you how I was challenged to do some of my own personal travel arranging a little differently.

Road Trips

We have enjoyed family camping holidays, road trips in particular.  Camping in Scotland, England, Wales, with our longest trip covering 3,500 miles in 2 weeks around France.  From the earliest trips, I would keep a checklist of everything to be packed into the car for weekend breaks.  Food in particular was kept simple (and effective), as we started from scratch with only the most basic equipment.  We had the camping bug, which meant improving our equipment, upgrading to electric hook-up, and venturing further afield.  I revelled in researching cities, routes and campsites – who doesn’t love a real old fashioned guidebook and road atlas?!

Before long we were making destination decisions based on where the sun was most likely to shine.  A plan of action was then worked around the weather, ensuring we had a booking and the route agreed.  However, it was the next level which really challenged my obsession of advance planning along with stretching my travel arranging skills – I was challenged not to book anything in advance, oh my!  There we had it, the rule book was well and truly thrown out the window – we only knew when we were going, and no longer the where.  Taking myself out of my comfort zone proved to be exciting, harbouring unplanned adventures.  I loved it.  Proving I’m flexible, adaptable, open-minded and up for a challenge.

In Business It Pays To Be Proactive

Thinking ahead, being prepared, having appropriate and efficient systems in place is key for the smooth running of the business.  Planning ahead also makes it more likely that action will be taken.  There is a fantastic range of software available to assist with in the management of projects and tasks.  However there are occasions when we need to be reactive, tending to changes in business, be that direction or just taking a calculated risk and exploring a new product or service.  Business change and challenges will always exist, it’s how we tackle the changes that can make all the difference.

Steven Covey’s theory of beginning with the end in mind is a wise one.  Always have a plan even if it’s a loose one, however also be open-minded and listen to others for their ideas – even those that take you to the edge of your comfort zone and beyond.

I Challenge You…

….to throw the rule book out the window. Be flexible, try doing things differently.  Consider the systems and processes that work for you, and those that don’t.  Adjust your product or service.  Let me know how you get on.

Maybe your change will be handing over tasks to a VA today.  If you would benefit from reliable, friendly, professional support, I would be delighted to discuss your priorities.  Contact me, and we can get to work as soon as you are ready.